New accelerator programme for start-ups

New „Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator“ by EIT Climate-KIC

Sustainability, 11.11.2021

To support start-ups, that work on technological and nature-based solutions für carbon removal – that's the aim of the newly launched programme „Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator“ by EIT Climate-KIC with TU Delft, the Sustainability in Business Lab at ETH Zurich, and Pannon Pro Innovations (PPIS). EIT Climate-KIC is the European Union’s largest public-private climate initiative. In the first stage of one-year programme, Munich Re and ERGO will support five teams through funding, exchange of knowledge with their internal experts and dedicated mentoring.


“To tackle climate change, carbon removal is an extremely important issue. Without these technologies, we will not reach the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement,” explained Michael Menhart, Head of Economics, Sustainability and Public Affairs at Munich Re the motivation for the corporate’s commitment.

Five start-ups were chosen to participate in the accelerator. The selected start-ups target solutions for long-term carbon removal from the atmosphere and it’s permanent storage.

The following start-ups are participating

Cambridge Carbon Capture, UK: Industrial CO2 capture and storage

Carbogenics - Edinburgh, UK: Convert paper and other wastes into ‘biochar-like’ carbon products for biocatalytic use

Carbon Infinity - London, UK: Direct air capture (DAC) technology

Carbon Instead - Berlin, Deutschland: Decarbonize construction materials

Climate Farmers - Berlin, Deutschland: Infrastructure to scale regenerative agriculture

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