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Digitalisation & Technology, 03.02.2022

In the current episode of the Digital Insurance Podcast, host Jonas Piela talks to Christoph Klawunn, Member of the Board of DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG and EKV ERGO Krankenversicherung AG and responsible for Customer Service Health. Among other things, the conversation is about the electronic patient file, the requirements of a digital infrastructure and the possibility of differentiating oneself from other providers on the market with apps. 


Since 1 January 2021, all statutorily insured persons can receive an electronic patient record (ePA) from their health insurers, in which medical findings and information from previous examinations and treatments are comprehensively stored across practice and hospital boundaries.

Christoph Klawunn

Although there is no obligation for private health insurers to introduce the ePA, Christoph Klawunn expects a lot from the ePA and is convinced that the ePA is a must in order to be part of the digitalised health care system in the future.

It is easier for everyone involved if the patient has all documents with him and can access them at any time. This is already evident today in Corona times with the electronic vaccination card.

DKV has been offering its customers an electronic health file for a long time, in which the insured can store their documents themselves - but so far without any further technical connection to doctors, pharmacies or hospitals.

Christoph Klawunn explains here what challenges private health insurers still face when introducing the ePA:

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