Award-winning software for insurance sales

Eisenhut Awards

Digitalisation & Technology, 06.10.2022

After a two-year break, the Bundesverband Deutscher Versicherungskaufleute (BVK) and Kubi e.V. have once again honoured the best sales software with the Eisenhut Awards. This year's winners include Swiss Life, ERGO and Blau direkt. 

Award-winning software for insurance sales

The Eisenhut Awards, which are presented in “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze” categories, were presented for the 21st time. Gold was awarded to Swiss Life Deutschland Vertriebsservice GmbH's holistic consulting software (“Finanzplan”).

Silver medal: VR Sales Training

Silver went to Blau direkt for its broker management programme “Ameise” and to ERGO for its “VR Sales Training”. The jury was enthusiastic about the training. Supported by VR glasses, training modules on behaviour and acquisition are offered, with a choice of different customer types (avatars).

Supported by artificial intelligence (AI), “the fun of learning and the fun of what is learned would be activated”. The jury considered the current number of modules for digital training a little too few. “By the next award, the number should have been multiplied - and the application then suspected of being gold,” it said.

Bronze medal: KWAD Services

Nuremberg (“easyBT”), ERGO Group (“KWAD Services”) and Vorfina (“Real Estate Calculator”) each received bronze. A new category was even created for ERGO's KWAD Services: “Digital Service Processes”.

For the KWAD services of ERGO, a new category was even created: “Digital Service Processes”. KWAD stands for customer request sales agents (KundenWunsch AußenDienst). The majority of customer requests are still made to the agents. KWAD Services bundle and channel these customer requests in a simple, digital and fast way. Around 50 KWAD services are already available and more are being added all the time. The jury was convinced by the structured and easy-to-use application.

What are the Eisenhut Awards?

The registered solutions are put through their paces by the initiators BVK and Kubi e.V. (“Konzeptentwicklungs- und Beratungs-/Innovationswerkstatt der Assekuranz und Finanzdienstleister”) in an examination phase lasting several months. Only those who successfully pass all the intermediate examinations will receive an invitation to the finals.

Financial service providers, financial institutions, insurance companies, sales companies in the financial services sector, representative associations as well as software houses that produce or use software for sales (in the financial services sector) in the broadest sense can apply.

The aim of the award is to support a high quality of advice for private or corporate customers in insurance matters by means of suitable software. For more information, check out the following link (in German):

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