What is the AI Factory?

Interview with Felix Wenzel, Head of Data Engineering bei ERGO

Digitalisation & Technology, 31.10.2022

What is ERGO's AI Factory all about? Nadine Marquard from Versicherungsforen Leipzig talked to Felix Wenzel, Head of Data Engineering, about the cloud-based solution. In the interview, he explains why the IT platform is ideal for the implementation of AI applications and why it is crucial to convince the business units of the benefits of AI.

Felix Wenzel, AI Factory

The use of artificial intelligence promises to make processes and workflows faster and more efficient. In order to keep an eye on the legal and regulatory framework and to make AI applications scalable, ERGO has developed the AI Factory – a cloud-based IT platform that enables the end-to-end implementation of AI applications.

In an interview, Felix Wenzel explains the challenges in implementing AI and how these challenges can be met. Along with IT, most important are people who think outside the box and can withstand internal resistance, he says. “In reality, you often have to prove first that AI works at all. And that's totally okay that the colleagues are sceptical in the beginning.” The reward is efficiency gains, leaner processes and greater customer satisfaction.

You find the full interview here (in German):


You are interested in learning more about the AI Factory, click here:

AI Factory: Overcoming Boundaries with Artificial Intelligence

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