Our contribution to climate protection: carbon-neutral operations

We protect the environment, consistently cut back on energy consumption and compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions by purchasing CO2 certificates.  

Step by step, ERGO achieved carbon-neutral business operations within the whole Group by 2015. By 2012, business operations at locations in Germany were made carbon-neutral. Other measures to reduce CO2 emissions in Germany followed, such as the modernisation of buildings technology and the reduction of fuel consumption by the conversion of the company car fleet. At the same time, data coverage at international locations was gradually extended and CO2 emissions reduced as far as possible. Until 2015, first the European locations and later all international locations achieved carbon-neutral operations.

Read about our current activities to achieve carbon-neutral operations under the section Environmental performance of our Sustainability Reporting.

We compensate for CO2 emissions which are generated in the course of our business operations and cannot be avoided or reduced by purchasing corresponding CO2 certificates. When we select certificates our priority is that apart from avoiding CO2 emissions they should also exert positive effects on the local infrastructure and population. With the purchase of certificates, we support several projects protecting the climate in different countries.

The projects sponsored by ERGO in the last year are listed in paragraph EN18 in the section Environmental Performance of our Sustainability Reporting.