DKV augments “My DKV” app with electronic patient record

Through an electronic patient record jointly developed with IBM, people insured with DKV will in future also be able to access their health data via the company’s existing proprietary app.

Media Information, 23.01.2023

DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG (DKV) and IBM Consulting are continuing their successful cooperation. With the augmentation of the “My DKV” app to include an electronic patient record (EPR), it will in future be possible for people insured with DKV to not only manage their health data, medical findings or medication plans themselves, but also share them digitally with doctors and pharmacists. A corresponding cooperation agreement between the two companies was recently signed.


“With the EPR, we set ourselves the goal of developing a secure digital repository for all medical records, while designing it to be as easy as possible for our customers to use”, explains Christoph Klawunn, the DKV Board of Management member responsible for customer service and digitalisation. “We want to enable our insureds to share the diagnoses and records of different medical specialists with the EPR, for example, so that they can be treated more quickly, more precisely and more holistically. We’re looking forward to taking this next step together with our trusted partner, IBM.”

Successful cooperation with IBM continues

“DKV and IBM have already been close partners for several years in the development of innovative technologies. With the EPR, we’re now continuing our successful cooperation with DKV”, says Ronald Fritz, Senior Partner at IBM Consulting. As early as 2019, in cooperation with IBM, DKV was the first private health insurer to introduce an electronic health record (EHR) as a digital repository for medical appointments, medication data and preventive medical appointments in its proprietary “My DKV” app. Today, more than half a million customers use the “My DKV” app. In 2022, the company received over three million invoices electronically.

“My DKV” has already won several awards.

“Our app offers what our customers expect: convenient and simple healthcare management and support via their smartphone”, explains Christoph Klawunn. The “My DKV” app has already been awarded the title “Germany’s best app” several times in the area of insurance service, most recently by the F.A.Z. Institute in June 2022.

Data privacy and security are guaranteed

The app can be downloaded free of charge from the usual app stores by all customers, regardless of whether they are covered under comprehensive or supplementary insurance. Customers decide for themselves which data they keep in their digital record, and who they share it with. Neither DKV nor IBM has access to the data; the highest standards of data security are ensured.

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