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You are already a business partner of ERGO Technology & Services S.A. (ET&S)? Here you will find important information for your cooperation.

Master Data

An up-to-date and consistent data basis is essential for a smooth procure-to-pay process. In order to guarantee this, you have the option of maintaining your master data in the CSP yourself or to have it updated by the ET&S procurement team.

Creation and modification via the CSP (COUPA SUPPLIER PORTAL)
If you are connected to ET&S via the CSP, you have the option of entering and maintaining your credit master data yourself in the portal. All changes are then submitted to the ET&S procurement team and checked by ET&S stuff. In this way, a four-eyes principle is guaranteed to ensure the correctness of the data entered and to prevent attempted fraud. Please use the linked instruction to create or maintain your Coupa account.

Installation and maintenance by ET&S
If you do not use the CSP, you can also have your data updated by the ET&S procurement team. The staff will make any necessary changes to your vendor master data in the Coupa instance so that your invoices can be paid as quickly and securely as possible. Send changes to sm-etspl-supplier.coupa@ergo.com.

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Conditions of Purchase

Here you will find all the necessary documents for cooperation in their current version:

Declaration of confidentiality (PDF)

Anticorruption Agreement (PDF)

Global Compact (PDF)

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase (GTCP) (PDF)

Declaration of approval (PDF)

Instructions & Templates
Further questions?

Please send us an e-mail to sm-etspl-supplier.coupa@ergo.com.