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ET&S - the power of combined expertise and competencies

ERGO Technology & Services S.A. (ET&S) was established in January 2021 following the merger of ERGO Digital IT and Atena into one entity, leveraging the strengths and best practices of both companies.
The company is belonging to the global hub structure of ERGO Technology & Services Management AG.

ET&S combines the knowledge and skills of IT specialists coming from different backgrounds and, as a frontrunner in developing and implementing the ERGO Technology & Services Management Target Operating Model, is one of the key contributors to the digital growth of the ERGO Group, together with the ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH.

With offices in Poland (Warsaw, Sopot, Gdańsk) and Germany (Berlin) and over 900 employees across several locations, ET&S provides know-how exchange, international growth opportunities and a multicultural working environment.

ERGO Technology & Services S.A. milestones
1993 Founding of Atena IT & Financial Services S.A., provider of the comprehensive IT systems for business
November 2016 Founding of ERGO Digital IT GmbH to speed up digital delivery within the ERGO Group 
Mid 2018
Acquisition of Atena by ERGO Group AG as an active and experienced market player
Decision to merge ERGO Digital IT and Atena as equal partners in one strong organization
4. January 2021
Merger of ERGO Digital IT and Atena to form ERGO Technology & Services S.A. (ET&S) as part of
ERGO Technology & Services Management AG
2021 onwards
ET&S as the centre of competence for the IT framework
Management ET&S
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Information for shareholders

Due to the obligation to dematerialize the shares of ERGO Technology & Services S.A., the company made calls to submit the share document.