Our Expertise

ERGO Technology & Services S.A. (ET&S) is a part of ERGO Technology & Services Management AG, a global technology holding, with competencies in digital transformation, know-how in creating and implementing complex IT systems with a focus on the quality of solutions and a portfolio aligned with the entire value chain of the insurance market. 

ET&S along with ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH contributes to the success of the ERGO Group by helping to shape customer-oriented insurance products and to develop new customer channels.

Our technologies
Work Management Jira, Confluence, EPM, Ms Dynamics
AWS, Azure, Google
Ansible, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Argo CD, Terraform, GitHub, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Kafka, Docker, WSO2, Redis, VMWare… and more
ReactJS (+Redux), Angular, JavaScript
Python, C, C++, Java, .NET, Node.js
Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo DB
Big Data
SPARK, EMR, Hadoop/Hive, S3, Airflow, SCALA/Java
Salesforce, Ms Dynamics
AEM (Adobe Experience Manager CMS)
Mobile IOS, Android

Find out more about the selected solutions developed by ET&S:

  • Customizable platform B2B2C sales tool to simplify the process of calculating insurance costs and optimize sales processes, life insurance needs assessment tools for tied agents, B2C online tariff calculators and much more.

  • ERGO Portals is a shared, common cloud environment for creating and publishing websites. ERGO Portals implements a uniform architecture for all ERGO portals. This strategy allows us to reduce operating costs through uniform technology, high reusability of functionality through the use of MicroApps, uniform appearance through ERGO Elements (a library of small interactive UI elements that provides a uniform appearance within a defined theme) and enables high engagement through analytics and tag management.

    Various MicroApps for ERGO Portals are available for re-use: dashboards, online tariff calculators, electronic signature as well as identity and access management capabilities.

  • The AI platform is a shared, common cloud environment enabling ERGO's developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, develop, and deploy data related projects (including machine learning) on any scale.

    Its fully integrated development environment (IDE) for big data and advanced analytics enables the performance of all development stages – it can upload terabytes of data quickly and securely, create and share code, perform advanced analytics calculations, improve and regulate models, move back and forth between steps to adjust experiments, debug and compare results, and deploy and monitor projects in production.

    Learn more about the AI Factory

  • The Data Pipeline Factory is an Azure cloud-based solution built to provide the right data at the right time for analytical solutions maintained and developed for Munich Re by ERGO Technology & Services S.A.

    Learn more about the Data Pipeline Factory

  • SPACE is a shared and comprehensive digital ecosystem built on a modular platform consisting of over 20 software products dedicated to key insurance business areas like sales, policy operations, billings or claims. Products from the Space library like sales & ops or customer centre strongly support the modern, omni-channel, customer-centric process, sharing the full set of policy operations on a self-service mode starting from offer stage through policy operations to claims handling.

    The ecosystem covers most of the insurance value chain, designed on the basis of the extensive experience of over 25 years of collaboration with ERGO Hestia and other insurance companies in the Polish market.

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