Kraftblock - Thermal Energy Storage as the key for waste-energy-recycling

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Kraftblock, based in Saarbrucken, aims to tackle the biggest challenge of heat energy: its huge quantities wasted during industrial processes. So far, most heat energy is wasted as it is not available in an homogenous manner.

Saving and recycling heat

Kraftblock developed a special storage material with high capacity that is able to store even 1,300°C. Furthermore, the team implemented this material into fixed storages (big storage vessels with several 100m³ of storage material for internal heat utilisation) as well as in mobile storages. By doing so, about 16 MWh of waste heat can be stored in a 20 foot container. As a result, Kraftblock’s storage technology allows the “recycling” of waste-heat and makes it available whenever and wherever it is needed.

The minds behind Kraftblock

The team, consisting of Dr. Martin Schichtel and Dr. Susanne König, combine more than 20 years of material development and production experience with business administration knowledge. Martin worked 8 years at the Institute for New Materials at the University of Saarland whereas Susanne was Head of Corporate Management in a bank and later became Managing Director of an international trading group. Together, the team strives to create a thermal alternative for conventional energy production, potentially creating a huge, positive climate impact. Working together with Munich Re and ERGO, Kraftblock aims to examine suitable insurance solutions for their storage technology and business processes.

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