Our commitment in the neighbourhood

We are good neighbours and contribute actively to the local community. Cultural events, guidance for school children or emergency aid – ERGO is on the spot and supports various initiatives.

ERGO Direkt supports the non-profit association Forum V, the North Bavarian Institute for Insurance Studies at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, a unique centre of excellence encompassing businesses, HE institutions, associations, and policymakers.

Reforesting in the Düsseldorf City

In the management of damages amounting to millions caused by storm “Ela” on 9 June 2014, the district depends on its citizens’ initiative. This is the firm conviction of the founders of the Alliance “Blickwinkel Ela” (Perspective Ela). It comprises – apart from ERGO – the “Düsseldorfer Jonges” as an association dedicated to the maintenance of local heritage as well as the insurance company ARAG and the Henkel Foundation.

"3-2-1 Ignition"

Some may find classical music old-fashioned and boring. However, it’s often how people, particularly youngsters, are introduced to the genre that makes the decisive difference – either causing them to tune out permanently or inspiring a lifelong love. Düsseldorf’s Tonhalle produces a concert series called "3-2-1 Ignition" whose purpose is to help young people see classical music in a new light. Each concert is devoted to a different theme, with symphony orchestra the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker giving it their unique interpretation.

ERGO has been supporting the project since 2009 as part of its involvement in the Association of the Friends of the Tonhalle.

Singing Break

The last eight yearshave seen the development of a further musical education project for primary school children in the North Rhine-Westphalian capital – a project that is unique in Germany in these dimensions and promises to inspire others. Its name is "SingPause" (Singing Break), we at ERGO are its proud supporters, and it currently reaches over 12,000 children at 58 of the city’s schools – in other words, approximately two-thirds of all Düsseldorf’s primary school children, regardless of their socio-economic background. Twice a week, professional singing teachers visit the schools involved and work with the children, teaching the basics of music, doing vocal exercises and rehearsing a firm repertoire of songs.
Their aim is to provide the children with sound basic vocal and musical training, and, above all, to inspire them with the pleasure of singing. And that’s not all: singing together helps train concentration and cooperation with others. Each year, a grand concert sees the Tonhalle filled with the dulcet tones of Germany's biggest children's choir. Düssel-dorf’s primary schools are as enthusiastic about this cultural project today as they were at its inception.