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Media Information, 27.09.2022

ERGO now offers a new motor insurance tariff that comprises the products Smart and Best. The tariff provides powerful coverage and is clearly structured; the basic coverage offers a comprehensive range of services. Customers can tailor their insurance coverage to their individual requirements with a selection of add-on modules. In the event of an accident, claims are handled by means of an award-winning automated process. Customers can simply make their claims online and track them to view the current status. Minor claims can be settled within one hour.

ERGO Kfz Tarif

The new ERGO motor insurance tariff comprises the products Smart and Best. Both products are simple to use and structured in an easy-to-understand manner, and both offer the same strong basic coverage. “When we developed these products, we focused on what our customers want. That is why a comprehensive range of services are included in the basic coverage”, says Mathias Scheuber, Chief Executive Officer of ERGO Versicherung AG.

Powerful basic coverage and individual modules

The basic coverage offers a comprehensive range of services, such as 12 months’ replacement price or purchase price reimbursement, including vehicle registration and return fees, comprehensive natural hazard protection as well as consequential damage from animal bites, short circuiting or glass breakage (replacement vignettes and lighting, interior cleaning). Customers can tailor their insurance to their individual needs by selecting a few intuitive add-on modules. The Best tariff offers all options. Customers who choose Smart – a low base tariff that only increases significantly in the event of a claim – can save a lot of money. Add-ons for Smart include a discount for using an authorised car workshop, roadside assistance, replacement car plus and 24 months’ value protection. By using an authorised workshop, customers can save as much as 20% of the comprehensive coverage amount and benefit from many services in the event of a claim. The Best tariff additionally offers a longer value protection option (36 months) and no-claims discount protection. “We intentionally chose only a few, but very customer-centric modules. These modules are intuitive and can be added on as required to ensure that customers get the insurance coverage tailored to their needs”, says Frank Mauelshagen, Head of the Division Automobile at ERGO Versicherung AG.

Electro Plus and Safe Drive

Every fourth new vehicle registered is either electric or hybrid and requires customised insurance coverage. The Electro Plus module offers all-risks coverage against battery damage, destruction and loss – after all, batteries are the heart of every electric car. Private charging stations are also covered and vehicles whose battery is empty will be towed to the next charging station. Fully electric cars qualify for a 10% ecobonus.
If they opt for the telematics module Safe Drive, customers under 30 permanently save 10%. “Our app provides drivers with feedback on every journey, thus helping them to improve their driving behaviour. If drivers exhibit safe driving behaviour, they are entitled to additional savings of 30% a year, according to Mauelshaben.

Award-winning automated claims process*

In the event of an accident, customers can simply make their claim online, even outside office hours. All that is required for identification is the license plate number. Lodging a claim and checking coverage is fully automated. “Customers can use the 'Claim Tracker' to view the current status of their claim online. In many cases, claims are paid out soon afterwards thanks to the automated claims process. Minor claims can be fully settled within one hour”, Karin Brandl, Head of Non-Life Claims at ERGO Versicherung AG, explains. If repairs are needed, workshop services include free collection and return service and a replacement vehicle. Customers can select their car repair workshop when they submit their claim online. The necessary details of the damage are automatically transmitted to this workshop. The workshop will get in touch with the customer within one hour and take care of everything else: organising a repair appointment, a replacement vehicle, the collection and return of the car, and the repair of the vehicle. “When we designed the products and processes, our focus was always on what customers need. We were thus delighted to find out our claims process had received the Focus Money award”, Scheuber summarises.

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