DFB Cup tour: The Cup is coming home

Magazine, 14.02.2023

The German Football Association’s DFB Cup tour was put on hold for three years due to the coronavirus pandemic. But now it’s back and bringing perhaps the best-known German sports trophy back to the football fans. ERGO sales partners will be displaying it locally.

In the past, the DFB Cup tour made stops not only in many German towns and cities but also in quite special places like the Zugspitze – Germany’s highest mountain – or underground, in the Prosper-Haniel coal mine.

“Betting on the pot”

Meanwhile: In the next few months, the Cup will again fully belong to the people in the region. At the start of its journey of several months, it will be in the north German Hanseatic city of Stade (14 Feb-ruary), before heading south to Fürstenfeldbruck (23 February). Altogether 17 ERGO sales partners have backed the tour and the pot.

ERGO Pokaltour

At the individual stops on the tour, with a bit of luck visitors can win tickets to the final in Berlin, and kids can win the chance to make a grand entrance as a DFB Cup match-ball carrier. Individual exhibits from DFB Cup history will complete the scenery in display cases. And, of course, photos with the DFB Cup can also be taken.

Final stop: Olympic Stadium

Tour stops are planned until June. The Cup will not only be on show at sales agencies (slogan: “Der Pokal im Lokal” – the Cup on the premises), but also at squares in towns and cities, where it will also be exhibited by the local ERGO sales partner. A special stop is then planned in Berlin on the 3rd of June – the day of the DFB Cup final. Right in front of the Olympic Stadium.


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