Two men discuss the business ideas of the cleantech start-ups in Climate-KIC’s accelerator.

ClimAccelerator: Fostering innovation

EIT Climate-KIC (Knowledge & Innovation Community) is the European Union’s largest public-private climate initiative. Together with Munich Re and ERGO, EIT Climate-KIC has set the ambition to enable transformational start-ups to accelerate through radical collaboration and shared resources. In the newly launched Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator. EIT Climate-KIC joined forces with Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Sustainability in Business Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), and Pannon Pro Innovations (PPIS).

The newly launched Accelerator continues the cooperation started in 2017 with the promotion of clean-tech start-ups. In addition to financial support and targeted coaching for the development of the business model, each start-up receives mentoring from Munich Re and ERGO employees.

Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator
Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator

The Carbon Removal ClimAccelerator programme supports start-ups focusing on technological and nature-based solutions such as afforestation, direct air capture, biochar, and bioenergy-based carbon capture and storage. Selected start-ups will receive training, grants, mentorship, and access to networks.

Interviews with start-up founders

Christopher Knoch and Justin Scholz - phelas
Clean electricity at any time - thanks to innovative energy storage

With their start-up phelas, Christopher Knoch and Justin Scholz rely on liquid air and container modules to store renewable energy at low cost. An interview with the two founders.

Chris Cardé - HeyCharge
HeyCharge - Ultra-low-cost electric car charging for apartment buildings

What drives them, what particular challenges are they facing? The series starts with Chris Cardé from HeyCharge. His team has developed affordable e-charging solutions for multi-family homes.

Chris Cardé - HeyCharge
toolbot - Automated product sharing systems for tools and more

One tool, many users: Jan Gerlach and Christian Lehmann from toolbot tell us how the idea for their tool rental stations came about and why sharing is good for the climate.

The start-ups supported thus far

Chris Cardé - HeyCharge
These start-ups are already on their way to success

Their creative solutions are as different as the start-ups themselves. But there is one thing they all have in common: Their applications for support have been selected in the Side Call of Climate-KIC and Munich Re/ERGO.