HeyCharge - Ultra-low-cost electric car charging for apartment buildings

42% of Europeans live in apartment buildings, and yet there's no cost-effective and scalable solution for adding electric vehicle charging to these buildings. HeyCharge offers a product and platform for managing chargers in an apartment building at less than 20% the total cost of competing solutions. A proprietary SecureCharge technology is a key innovation, allowing to ship “plug and play” chargers that any electrician can install and which are instantly available in our app - without an internet connection or technician visit.

In a recent European study, 38% of customers who decide against buying an electric car name the charging infrastructure as their top concern. If e-cars could be conveniently charged at home by residents of apartment buildings, this would change customer behaviour, significantly increase the acceptance of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

HeyCharges’ mission is to build charging infrastructure to support 10 million electric vehicles in Europe, starting with retrofits to every apartment building on the continent. HeyCharge HOME, the product for apartment buildings, is presently in early pilot deployment across Germany. The team plans to launch a large-scale pilot addressing 100 properties and 1000 users in early 2021.

The international team brings expertise from companies as diverse as Google, Deutsche Bank, Mercedes-Benz, and E.ON Energy to develop an optimized and innovative solution. The skills of each individual, including from the areas of product development, financing and customer orientation complement each other to form a competent and creative team. Despite the varied responsibilities, the experienced team harmonizes on a personal level and has a common goal: Sustainability shouldn’t be a matter of prestige but should be a matter of course and affordable for everyone. While HeyCharge is starting with apartment buildings, the team has further ideas about how to disrupt and advance electric vehicle charging infrastructure in public spaces, e.g. in garages or on parking lots of retail sites, hotels, restaurants, and more.

The cooperation with Munich Re and ERGO gives the start-up the opportunity to learn more about the requirements of important customer groups such as real estate owners and owners of electric vehicles. In addition, HeyCharge can benefit from the companies’ experience of launching a new product.

Further information is available at: https://heycharge.io/

Interviews with start-up founders

Chris Cardé - HeyCharge
HeyCharge - Ultra-low-cost electric car charging for apartment buildings

What drives them, what particular challenges are they facing? The series starts with Chris Cardé from HeyCharge. His team has developed affordable e-charging solutions for multi-family homes.