Despite Corona: Successful start for the protection of the tropical forest

ERGO and Munich Re have been providing financial support to the GreenWatersheds project of the OroVerde Tropical Forest Foundation since the last quarter of 2020. Despite Corona, a lot has already been moved - and brings more quality of life for all, says project participant Margarita Mateo from the Dominican Republic.

Much accomplished despite Corona

The GreenWatersheds project of the tropical forest foundation "OroVerde" in Mexico, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic relies on the natural resources of the forest ecosystem and aims to show people ways to adapt themselves and their environment to climate change.

In Guatemala, planting activities have already taken place in various communities in the last quarter of 2020. In addition to pine trees, another focus was on coffee plants. A tree nursery was also established. First fire brigades received equipment material for fire fighting and prevention, such as safety shoes and gloves, protective goggles or axes.

In Mexico, too, two communities were supplied with appropriate material, so that the first firebreaks could already be cut as a preventive measure. In the Dominican Republic, various forest areas were also reforested and a tree nursery established in several planting campaigns.

Torsten KlimpelFoto Torsten Klimpel, OroVerde project manager. © OroVerde

Torsten Klimpel, project manager of OroVerde accompanies the work on site: "After the detailed planning and analysis phase at the beginning of the project, we have now reached the exciting implementation phase and are very happy that the Corona crisis has so far only caused slight delays here and there. With the dedicated local staff in the communities, I am confident that we will be able to implement further measures in the three countries of Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, thanks to the support of Munich Re and ERGO, and keep them on schedule."

A better quality of life for all

Margarita Mateo Margarita Mateo at the harvest. © Centro Naturaleza

Small farmer Margarita Mateo lives in the Dominican Republic. She is 69 years old and president of the women's center in her village. She has been a project participant since last year:

"With the help of the project, I can now improve the management of my home garden and ensure that the harvest increases. I have learned a lot from participating in the project. It is a benefit for me and for the whole community. I am grateful for the knowledge I have earned and satisfied with the results I have achieved. Participating in the project gives me strength to be productive. The project has greatly improved the quality of life for everyone in our area because now we don't have to trav-el far to get healthy food."

OroVerde has been working to preserve tropical rainforests for over thirty years. The foundation carries out long-term projects that not only protect the forest but also offer local people better pro-spects for life. Munich Re and ERGO will be supporting OroVerde's work over the next three years. The financial resources will be used to reforest and protect forests, take measures to regenerate soils and support local agriculture.