At ERGO Technology & Services in India

Do challenging opportunities in Global Technology Hub excite you?

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Why ERGO Technology & Services? Because IT starts with you.

At ET&S in India, you can expect a rewarding international career in a start-up culture and an opportunity to work in the Global Technology Hub covering multiple countries and diverse technologies.

ET&S offers:

  • Competitive remuneration packages
  • Benefits galore - comprehensive health benefits for you and your family,  perks and recognition
  • Work-life balance
  • Structured learning roadmaps
  • Bespoke career roadmaps
  • Proactive work environment – fun, fitness, celebrations and connect programmes

Culture ET&S in India

Being part of ERGO Technology & Management Services AG (ET&SM), ET&S culture is also based on its global capabilities: Effectiveness, Agile Mindset, Collaboration, Leadership, Drive and Accountability.


We are effective contributors to ERGO’s success; we are goal-oriented and highly productive, delivering state of the art solutions that meet the customers’ needs.

Agile Mindset

We anticipate changes in our environment, predicting customers’ expectations; we are open-minded and ambitious to be operationally excellent. Adopting design thinking principles and with global digital expertise, we are fully equipped to accompany customers as they move into the future.


We work together with respect for each other, valuing diversity of attitude and opinions; we build on the qualities of every team member, aiming to achieve common goals; we work in strong, self-organized and highly collaborative teams.


We are dedicated and act with integrity. We lead our teams in a consistent manner to achieve sustainable, long-term results and contribute to our clients’ satisfaction.


We are dynamic, future-oriented, energetic and performance driven; we are proactive in defining new ways to effectively address our customers’ demands; we strive for growth and constant improvement.


We are responsible and committed to delivering tangible results; we feel ownership of our projects and make things happen, focusing on the best outcomes.

Why work with ET&S in India?

  • At ET&S in India, you will work with people who empower you to succeed. Our culture of inclusiveness and diversity is at the core of what we do. We believe in collective growth. We draw our strength from each other and strive towards fresh milestones, every day, together. We take pride in being colleagues that lift each other up, help each other, empower each other. Our workplace is defined by collaborative learning where you seek help and offer expertise wherever it is needed.

  • We embrace individuality. We value difference. We celebrate each other’s ideas, expertise and skill. Our respect for individuals goes beyond cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and languages. We firmly believe that different capabilities, backgrounds and experiences translate into diverse thinking that enables excellence in the global marketplace. 

  • At ET&S in India, we understand the importance of workplace wellness. We understand it is integral to personal growth and development. We invest in spaces, technology and tools to support our global pool of diverse individuals and talent in innovating together. We blend comfort and productivity in spaces that are inviting, physically accessible for all and environmentally sustainable.

  • What makes us a great place to work is you – our employees, our strength. We strive to continually sustain an environment that unleashes innovation, allows our employees to perform at their very best and underpins a culture in which everyone has an equal opportunity to belong and build a career.

    We value your capabilities and promote equal opportunity for growth. With role parity and salary benchmarking, our clearly defined performance indicators ensure that employees are recognized for their work and rewarded for their performance in a fair and equitable manner.