Medium close-up of the three founders of NÜWIEL, which offers smart cargo trailers for bicycles, enabling environmentally friendly last-mile delivery.

The Berlin-based company Peregrine provides artificial intelligence from street-level video. A new data-driven approach that strives to improve traffic safety and reduce congestion and emissions in cities worldwide.

Video analytics make transport smarter, safer and healthier

Peregrine uses the latest methods of computer vision and machine learning for a comprehensive understanding of real-time traffic situations. The team maximizes the value of existing perception systems in modern vehicles and adds its own solutions for classification, fusion and scene analysis. This real-time visual context allows Peregrine customers to rethink the use of car data. Together with experts of Munich Re and ERGO, Peregrine intends to leverage this technology for the development of insurance products.

The Peregrine team

The Peregrine team has a combined experience of 20 years in applied sciences related to autonomous driving, robotic vision systems and insurance risk models. In addition, the founders spent more than twelve years in the automotive industry with manufacturers and their first- and second-tier suppliers. The team consists of specialists for computer vision and machine learning whose bundled cross-industry experience enables the development of groundbreaking data products.

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