Customer satisfaction as a success factor

Martin Zwara is Branch Office Manager in Iserlohn

Insurance & understanding, 03.11.2020

Martin Zwara is Branch Office Manager in Iserlohn and a real all-rounder in Sales. In 2011, Martin Zwara began his apprenticeship to become a Qualified Finance and Insurance Clerk at ERGO and immediately afterwards set up his own agency.

Martin Zwara

A short time ago, the agency moved into new offices in a co-working space. “I knew the concept from other cities and, after a trial week, I was convinced myself“, explains Zwara. I am surrounded by interesting people: a lively mix of start-ups and representatives of large companies. This is precisely the buzzy atmosphere I have been looking for.”

Networks and recommendation marketing

The 33-year-old father can see even more benefits in this office concept. After all, it offers him the opportunity to further expand his network and circle of potential customers: “Continually expanding my own network is, in my view, one of the key aspects of sales work,” explains Zwara. “Recommendations from existing customers are also important in acquiring new customers. Of course, that only works when you can guarantee a consistently high quality at the consulting stage – that is my priority in my daily work. Very consciously, I also ask my customers at the end of a discussion whether they have any suggestions for improvement.” His customers are very satisfied with this qualitative approach, as reflected by the 4.9 out of 5 stars awarded to his agency from over 100 Google reviews.

Customer satisfaction as a success factor

These recommendations have made the agency very popular, and Zwara is recommended on throughout Germany. Thanks to increasing digitalisation, despite the greater distances he can also respond to enquiries from Berlin or Munich and acquire new customers in these cities: "For instance, today we have the opportunity of advising customers by video call throughout Germany and also have documents signed directly on a person’s smartphone. I used these methods before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, but it is precisely during this time that we are all benefiting from the digital tools provided by ERGO.”

Time gains through digital services

Martin Zwara relies on digital solutions, such as online appointment booking on his sales agent’s website or the ERGO customer portal. He can also use this to send offers directly to registered customers, which they simply confirm with the click of a mouse. For Zwara, this means less administrative work and he can effectively use the time he has gained to offer individual advice to his customers. He is also very happy to use the "My Concept" program. By entering a few parameters, he can show his customers their current pension or healthcare situation. Potential pension gaps can be easily presented in the form of a diagram, which enables him to put forward targeted insurance suggestions for these specific needs.

Sales partners are sought for the agency

Zwara intends to hold onto this success in future as well and extend his agency in the coming years to become a Regional Head Office – the highest level of ERGO agency. The next step has already been determined: the agency manager is currently looking for another sales partner for his agency. Interested? Visit his website here:

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