Authenticity and empathy are important as a sales agent

Bastian Cichowski is Branch Office Manager in Schwabach

Insurance & understanding, 10.11.2020

For 22 years, Bastian Cichowski worked in the sales department of a well-known German car manufacturer, where he latterly managed new car sales. In 2017, a good friend gave him the idea of setting up his own company in the insurance industry.

Bastian Cichowski

The freedom and flexibility of working for himself, in particular, convinced him to take this step. Since then, the husband and father of an 18-year-old daughter, has managed an ERGO branch office in Schwabach.

Authenticity, emotionality and empathy

Emotional skills and plenty of empathy towards his clients are the core characteristics of a good insurance adviser. "Every customer is in a different situation and has different needs," explains Bastian Cichowski. "A good sales representative can adapt to these needs and help their customer find the right product." This is also a priority for Cichowski during the coronavirus pandemic. "ERGO's digital tools meant that I was able to keep in touch with my customers and even give my customers the opportunity to sign offers digitally on their smartphones. It meant I was able to let my customers know that I was also there for them during this time. This approach was very well received.”

Long-term customer relationships

Unlike in the automotive industry, the focus in insurance sales is on long-term customer relationships. "I would like to advise all my customers on a partnership basis and continue to provide them with genuine advice in the long term. I can only do this if I am convinced that my customers benefit from my proposal. The customer’s heart and mind need to be persuaded, otherwise it is impossible to build up a lasting relationship. In my eyes, the relationship with the customer always comes before a fast deal.”

Motivation through respect

Cichowski does not regret the decision to set up his own agency – quite the contrary – respect for his customers and success stories motivate him: “I love my job! Not least because of the great cohesion between colleagues and the great working relationship with the Regional Head Office in Nuremberg. I can still imagine myself working aged 70 – albeit maybe in a slightly reduced form.”

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