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Insurance & understanding, 24.05.2019

In addition to good advices and high-quality products, customers expect one thing above all from their insurance companies: uncomplicated support in all situations, whether in the form of advice, conclusion, claims settlement or services inquiries. Demands have risen. In their digitalised every-day lives, people in other industries are now experiencing convenient and fast services that they naturally expect from their insurance partners.

Olaf Bläser

Olaf Bläser, Member of the Board of Management of ERGO Deutschland AG, responsible for Sales

In the future, it will be particularly important for insurers to ensure a consistent customer experience – regardless of whether we are addressed in the online or offline world and whether we are talking about life insurance, legal protection policies, property insurance or supplementary dental insurance. This means that customers can report a motor vehicle damage to us online and we are able to issue a confirmation of coverage within a few minutes. In the summer, we are introducing the possibility for customers to have an offer on legal protection, accident, household contents, private liability or residential buildings placed in their digital customer portal by our sales partner – a mouse click from the customer is all it takes to conclude the contract. A few examples that make it clear: The modern customer decides how and on what occasion he wants to contact us: whether by tele-phone, online, mobile or in a personal consultation.

All channels under one brand

We are therefore the first insurer on the German market to consistently network all channels for our customers under one brand. Direct insurers and sales partners work closely together. By doing so, we are deliberately following a different path than many insurers. Our sales partners are an essen-tial success factor. Within a radius of ten kilometres there is at least one ERGO agency in Germany through which customers can contact us personally. In total there are approx. 8,000 sales partners in Germany. We support our sales partners in meeting the digital expectations of modern customer contact. You will receive attractive websites and digital tools for customer dialogue such as WhatsApp, social media kits or convenient online appointment booking. In addition, there are digital application processes, innovative apps and contract signatures as electronic signatures by QR code. In the future, we want to expand our offer to include video telephony.

Our response to customer expectations

These are digital services that customers today also expect from agency sales. This is our answer to what we call hybrid customer behavior. What people are used to from the big Internet companies, they now also expect from their insurer. They want to be served at more and more contact points – old and new – simply, quickly and above all equally well. The ERGO sales partners stand for this promise.

Olaf Bläser

Olaf Bläser is a member of the Board of Management of ERGO Germany and as such responsible for sales. He is also Chairman of the Board of Management of ERGO Beratung und Vertrieb AG.

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