Spain: “We dream of being world champions again”

Sports & sponsorship, 29.06.2018

The Spanish national football team in Russia is thrilled by the idea of shining as they did in 2010. 8 years ago, Spain claimed the Football World Cup in South Africa, an image that still remains in our minds and in our hearts.

Our country has always lived football with real passion, but things have been different since the South Africa World Cup. It brought us together. It created a feeling that went beyond football, beyond a victory, and beyond the World Cup.

Our tradition: to watch the match with family and friends

Ever since we have enjoyed gathering to watch the games more than ever. We meet up at our relatives' houses, get some snacks ready, pull on our shirts, socks, flags, paint our faces…

Another option is to enjoy the match with friends. Thanks to the good weather, outdoor bar terraces are a sea of red and yellow. Groups of fans meet up to watch the games in every city, following the event on TV screens in various locations.

The Spanish fans are full of enthusiasm, and at ERV Spain we are brimming with emotion:

"We want to relive the memories of the 2010 World Cup, and forget the bad luck that our team had in Brazil"

"It would be a wonderful gift before heading off on holiday"

"I want my young son to experience the enthusiasm we felt at the last 2010 World Cup"

This Sunday the fans of the World Cup at ERV Spain will watch the round of 16 against Russia with great excitement. And everyone agrees that "we will go far this year". Here are some photos of our fans before they go home to await the game:

Author: Andrea González Fernández, ERV Spain

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