How we support our favourite teams at D.A.S. Poland

Sports & sponsorship, 19.06.2018

There are many ways you can support your chosen football team. At D.A.S. Poland, we ran a survey* among our staff and used its data to create a D.A.S. Poland fan profile. In the process we learned a lot about how we like to watch games and about our predictions both for the first match of the Polish side at the 2018 world championship and for the next rounds. At D.A.S. Poland we strongly believe that the Polish team will go far in the competition.

We hit on the idea of putting together the in-depth profile of a D.A.S. football fan and created an anonymous survey  in which employees from all departments and our exclusive agents could describe their style of supporting teams. In addition, we asked football fans in D.A.S. Poland for their 2018 world championship predictions.

Supporters at D.A.S. Poland don’t even consider the possibility of the White and Red losing to Senegal in their first group match. Only 15 percent expect a draw. 85 percent of the employees who took part in the survey believe that our side will carry the day. Even more strong (92 percent) is the belief that Poland will qualify for the knockout phase. We also believe they have a go at reaching the final. Apart from Poland, the teams thought likely to advance to the final include Germany (40 percent of responses), Brazil and Spain (10 percent for both).

Most football fans at D.A.S. Poland will follow the World Cup games at their homes (70 percent), with some planning to root for our team in a pub or bar (23 percent) or in an outdoor fan zone (8 percent). The most popular fan paraphernalia include scarves and team shirts. When watching matches, snacks will be a must. Popular snacks of course include crisps, salty sticks, nuts and pizza, but one in four of D.A.S. Poland fans will go for a healthy option such as vegetables. The healthy rivalry in our department goes hand in hand with our healthy style of supporting teams!

*The survey was carried out using a surveying tool on 11-12 June among D.A.S. Poland employees, including exclusive agents. The survey was anonymous and voluntary, and was completed by 26 persons.

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