ERGO Tower shines as the DFB Cup

Magazine, 15.03.2016

For three nights, hundreds of lights shone in 80 offices of the ERGO Tower in Düsseldorf in mid-March. The illumination created a 50-metre high and 12-metre wide image of the DFB Cup. We announced on 14 March 2016 that we had signed up for three years as “Official Sponsor of the DFB Cup”.

Head of Strategic Marketing, Andreas Hoelken, explains why we have embarked on this new sponsorship.

Mrs. Hoelken, what is the goal of ERGO’s new sponsorship concept?

Firstly, football is unquestionably the most important and popular sport in Germany, it enjoys massive media interest and this guarantees visibility and attention for ERGO. We are therefore positioning our brand within a first-class and highly emotional environment.

Why did ERGO opt for the DFB Cup?

The DFB Cup is a premium event in German sport and we can therefore appeal to a large, club-neutral fan base. Every year the tournament attracts millions of spectators in the stadiums and in front of TV screens. Every football fan is interested in the DFB Cup especially if his own team is in the tournament. The DFB Cup offers any number of exciting moments, as it is all or nothing in every knock-out game and because, as a result, the Cup offers even smaller clubs the opportunity to “slay the giants” and progress further in the competition.

Author: Kristina Tewes

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