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ERGO employee Mathias Grams talks about the ERGO father network

People & stories, 15.09.2020

The network of fathers at ERGO aims to support fathers in the company. ERGO employee Mathias Grams has two children and explains in an interview why networking among dads is important.

ERGO employee Mathias Grams about the network for fathers at ERGO

Mister Grams, what exactly does the network of fathers at ERGO represent?

Grams: We are a core team that meets regularly, exchanges information and looks at what we can do for fathers at ERGO. Our network is embedded in a cross-company, German network of fathers at Väter GmbH. This helps us to look beyond the horizon. In addition to interesting webinars, we also offer father-child events and in-house lectures. At ERGO, we regularly meet for lunch in order to exchange information. Currently, Skype meetings are replacing our on-site meetings.

What exactly can the network do?

Grams: We want to be a contact point for fathers, which also assists them.  The idea was to create the exchange of information, which mothers have already organized very well in their private networks. Fathers are certainly not as networked by nature. They rarely talk about father and family issues among their circle of contacts. In our network they can simply talk about the actual problems of being a father.

Such as?

Grams:  For example such questions as: Where does my child's skin rash actually come from? Or how do I deal with the fact that my child has problems at school?

Why are you involved in the network of fathers?

Grams: I think networking among fathers is important. Personally, I am also interested in promoting the issue of part-time work among fathers. I myself work part-time, but I know that very few fathers do so. It is important to me to encourage colleagues to think about sharing work and family life together with their partner.

What are your personal experiences with working part-time?

Grams: I have been working part-time for two years now and find it very enriching to be able to spend more time with my family. At ERGO, this model also works very well. I would like to continue this as long as my two children are still of school age. This also gives my wife the opportunity to return to work with more working hours. I find this arrangement a selfevident model.  

Is part-time work a topic that is currently being discussed in the network?

Grams: In the fathers' network, working from home is the main topic. Especially due to the Corona crisis. We also receive constant support from our patron Mark Klein. The topic of part-time work would then be a further step. I would of course be delighted if fathers would approach me and ask me about my experiences when it comes to part-time work. I would be happy to give them insights.

What opportunities do fathers have at ERGO to combine career and family?

Grams: Fathers - just like mothers - have very good opportunities. There are a number of measures that help balancing work and family life. Fathers could certainly take better use of them.


Interview: Benjamin Esche


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