The key to rehabilitation is continuity

People & stories, 27.02.2018

After a severe spinal cord injury, Maria’s situation seemed hopeless. After intense trainings in ERGO Hestia’s Personal Injury Rehabilitation and Support Centre CPOP, Maria now walks again.

Maria was in her senior year at school when she had an accident. The doctors said that her spinal cord was severely damaged. Her situation seemed hopeless. However, with the immediate intervention of ERGO Hestia and the Personal Injury Rehabilitation and Support Centre (CPOP), and with Maria’s strong will and perseverance, her rehabilitation was successful within only a year after the accident. Comprehensive assistance for victims of serious car accidents is a prime example of the ERGO Hestia’s Highest Protection Standard strategy.

The Personal Injury Rehabilitation and Support Centre (CPOP) is a specialty organisation that offers efficient assistance in the healing process and reactivation after serious accidents. The project is truly unique in Poland. The Centre provides access to physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists and other experts. In co-operation with specialists, CPOP develops Individual Assistance Plans of comprehensive support for victims, spanning physical therapy, as well as social and occupational assistance: learning new professional skills, accepting the new social situation, working with a psychologist. Maria had an Individual Assistance Plan as well.

After a series of intensive rehabilitation periods using an exoskeleton, Maria can now walk using braces. She covers significant distances on her own feet. A breakthrough in the rehabilitation process came when she moved a toe. “The key to rehabilitation is continuity,” says Maria. “You cannot interrupt your efforts in the fight to improve your body until you regain your abilities, no matter how long it takes. When the doctors said that I could become fully able-bodied, I got really motivated. CPOP is helping me along the way.”
Maria has graduated high school during the period of her rehabilitation. She is going to the university in October. She is also planning to get a driver licence in order to drive around in a specially fitted passenger car.

The Personal Injury Rehabilitation and Support Centre was established as a part of ERGO Hestia in 2009 and spun off in June 2015. Over eight years, it has provided successful comprehensive rehabilitation to nearly 200 patients; several dozen more are healing; several hundreds have used different forms of assistance offered by the Centre.

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