Hamburg foundation alliance again provides funding for children and youth projects

ERGO Foundation joins in

Responsibility & dedication, 04.03.2021

For more than 20 years, the ERGO Foundation "Jugend & Zukunft” (Youth & Future) in Hamburg has accompanied socially disadvantaged young people on their way into working life. In order to provide additional support for this target group during the Corona pandemic, the foundation has joined the Hamburg foundation alliance in funding a Corona aid fund providing financial leeway to social projects, as have 14 other Hamburg foundations. On application, it supports projects in open child and youth work. Now the partners are jointly providing another 330,000 euros for project funding. The renowned “BürgerStiftung Hamburg” (Citizen’s Foundation Hamburg) coordinates the fund as well as the application procedures and the granting of funds.

Stiftungsfonds Hamburg

There is no question that the Corona pandemic is having a noticeable impact on children and young people. Many experience the second lockdown as an even greater burden because they lack the prospect of an end to the pandemic. This is especially true for children and young people who live with their families in difficult social circumstances or in cramped flats. When meeting with friends, sports activities and school as a social place are missing, projects of open child and youth work in the city districts are even more important. Here, small organizations, initiatives and associations characterized by volunteers and local knowledge make a valuable contribution. They can now once again apply for financial support from the foundation fund. "From June to December 2020, the foundation fund has already supported a total of 140 projects," explains the Managing Director of BürgerStiftung Hamburg, Rüdiger Ratsch-Heitmann. "We have made sure that the application process is unbureaucratic and easy to manage. The applicants have also confirmed this to us. Because the need is still great this year, the foundation partners will continue the funding." So far, 275,000 euros have been awarded to projects in the areas of education, culture, exercise, environment and creative play. These have included, for example, thematic day trips, a writing project, art workshops and environmental projects in nature - all within the framework of the hygiene measures in effect.

The ERGO Foundation "Jugend & Zukunft” (Youth & Future), based in Hamburg, is a corporate foundation of the ERGO Group. It is committed to helping children and young people and supports socially disadvantaged young people on their way into working life with its "Job Locomotive" project.

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Text: Monika Stobrawe


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