Organ donation: "Give thought to the topic!"

Three questions to Carmen Jux, ERGO company physician

Responsibility & dedication, 21.01.2020

On January 16th, the members of the German parliament decided on new rules for organ donation in Germany. Carmen Jux, company physician and Head of Occupational Health and Safety AGD, answered the most important questions:

Carmen Jux

What changes does the passed bill contain and what does it mean for us citizens?
The willingness to donate organs is comparably low in Germany. More than 9,000 patients are on waiting lists. Last year there were only 932 donors, each of whom was able to save about three lives. To increase the willingness to donate organs, an online register for donors is planned. Every registered organ donor can make changes to the register at any time. It is also planned that all citizens aged 16 and over will receive informative material when applying for new identity documentation. On top, organ donation should be made a subject of the first aid courses that are mandatory for driving licenses. General practitioners are to provide more advice on the subject, and we as company physicians will also continue to provide information on the subject.

In contrast, a large majority rejected the motion by the Federal Minister of Health, stating that every adult citizen should be considered an organ donor as long as he or she does not object.

What do you say to people who have reservations about acquiring an organ donor card?
Get informed! There are clear conditions for organ donation, for example: A potential donor must have consented to the removal of an organ, or the relatives must declare this as their alleged will. In the clinic, two independent experts must determine that the patient is brain dead.  Most people only become aware of the topic of organ donation when it concerns a close relative. It is better for everyone – yourself and your relatives – to make a decision before you find yourself in an exceptional personal situation.

What do we have to do to become an organ donor?
Always carry the organ donor card with you like your identity card and insurance card! You can get it at the company physician’s office, at the general practitioner, in pharmacies and online, for example at DKV. In addition, encourage others to do so if the opportunity arises.

Register in the online register provided as soon as it is set up. Also inform your family and friends if you are already an organ donor yourself. Even better: encourage them to consider the topic of organ donation and, if necessary, become organ donors. My husband and I are donors as well.

Interview: Monika Stobrawe

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