Protecting identity and data online with EyeOnID

Digitalization & innovation, 03.07.2020

ERGO is the first insurer in Germany to offer EyeOnID data protection service for e-mail, credit cards and passwords via

Data Security via EyeOnID

Due to the current increase in online activities such as online shopping and meeting friends via dif-ferent platforms, more and more information is ending up on the Internet, creating a target for cy-bercriminals. Therefore, the innovative insurance platform of ERGO, now offers the EyeOnID service. As the first insurer on the German market, by the way. ''For we are always looking for new, innovative products that protect our clients in various everyday situations," says Markus Heft, Project Manager in Innovation Delivery, "Of course we also have the idea to offer the EyeOnID service as part of ERGO's insurance products at a later stage."

EyeOnID is a service that uses artificial intelligence to check the security of e-mail addresses, cred-it cards and passwords and provides tips on how to prevent data misuse. EyeOnID continuously searches the Internet, Deep Web and Darknet for all information that the customer has stored. If the tool detects unusual usage, it sends a warning message. Customers can also check the security of their passwords. A knowledge database offers articles, tips and information about EyeOnID, data security and identity theft, the digital footprint and gives recommendations on how to secure devic-es such as laptops.

Afraid of identity theft 

The ERGO Risk Report asked about the hopes and fears regarding digitization. It turned out that although half of all respondents were afraid of identity theft and the security of their data, only a good third regularly carried out the simplest of all security measures: changing passwords. Three quarters of all respondents are also not prepared to pay for the protection of their data.  

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