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ERGO and Volvo joint product receives coveted Red Dot Award

Digitalization & innovation, 11.09.2019

The strategic partnership between ERGO Mobility Solutions and Volvo Car Germany "for the develop-ment of innovative mobility services" led to the first innovative product just a few weeks after its launch. Now this joint achievement of Volvo, ERGO and the digital-agency dayy- "Volvo Car Protection" - has even won the coveted "Red Dot Award".

Karsten Crede, CEO of ERGO Mobility Solutions

Karsten Crede, CEO of ERGO Mobility Solutions

This on-demand insurance, the scope of which can be extended conveniently and within a few minutes by app, can be used to insure luggage or third party drivers if required - but it can also be used to take out rental car insurance, trailer and occupant protection or foreign health insurance. According to Volvo Car Germany, "in cooperation with ERGO, this is a unique service" which underlines the claim of the premium brand to "simplify people's lives around their individual mobility". The range is not limited to Volvo customers.

"Insurance on Demand": An advertising clip from Volvo on YouTube illustrates how the "Volvo Car Pro-tection" app works. If the video doesn't play, reload the page. On the Volvo Car Germany website you will also find a lot of further information about the app and how it works.

The configuration of the individual insurance cover is quick and uncomplicated via a chat-like dialogue, the digital haptics of the user interface makes insurance playfully simple. And best of all: if necessary, the protection is immediately effective - the duration of the insurance cover can be individually deter-mined. The "innovative possibilities" of on-demand insurance cover via app - but especially the "high design quality" and "the creative performance behind it" - convinced the jury, which reviewed a total of 8,697 submissions over several days. The reward: this year's "Red Dot Award" in the "Apps" category - officially presented on 1 November 2019 as part of the "Designers' Night" at ewerk in Berlin. The "Red Dot" award has been an internationally recognized seal of outstanding design quality since 1955. The award winners are presented in yearbooks, museums and online.

"Our core expertise lies in developing digital services that help to hedge risks in the context of 'New Mobility'," says Karsten Crede, Member of the Board of Management of ERGO Mobility Solutions. "We are therefore very proud to have been the first in the German market to launch such a service togeth-er with Volvo - and we are now all the more delighted about this brilliant award, also on behalf of our cooperation partner.

"Volvo Car Protection" has been available in the Apple App Store since this spring. A version for Google Android is planned.

Text: Volvo / Ingo Schenk

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