Partner of Paralympic athlete David Behre

David Behre is an athlete, a role model – and a fantastic person

ERGO has been supporting this top athlete as a sponsor since 2011, enabling him to train professionally and turn his vision and ambition into reality. So far, his greatest successes include three medals at the Rio Paralympics in 2016, one at the London Paralympics in 2012 – and winning the 400m World Championship gold in 2015.  David is also the current European record holder for this distance.

In 2007, he lost both his lower legs in an accident. ERGO has accompanied him in the many stages of his life ever since. Initially, we were the insurer who supported David and gave him encouragement in the very first steps he took in his new life. An excellent partnership developed, and today, ERGO is thrilled to be sponsoring his sporting career. Apart from the successes of our ambassador for ERGO personal accident insurance, we are above all extremely proud about his positive attitude and his determination to give everything.