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Focus on the customer

Our company’s interests focus on the customer – the user. Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence play a key role in this, especially when it comes to collecting, processing and using customer data.

Our world is becoming increasingly digital and thus also more transparent. It is therefore important for companies to focus far more on their customers’ expectations and needs. The focus must be on our customers – the users. “User-Centricity deals with the issues and trends that form the interface to customers,” explains Roland Braun, ERGO IT Strategist.

Massive data and information flows

Data flows and information flows rush through the digitalised world as quickly as consumers’ habits change. Social media, intelligent and smart technology and the “Internet of Things” do the rest. Vast volumes of data accumulate – data about users.

Customers nowadays expect services that address their individual needs. Irrelevant information or cumbersome processes impair the customer experience. It is therefore essential that buying is as simple and pleasant as possible for customers.

Precise analysis of customer needs

For this reason, companies analyse customers’ needs very closely, with smartphones playing a key role in this. Digital payment models or location-based services form part of this. Companies from all sectors are therefore increasingly developing into technology companies, which need to be open to services that put the customer at the centre.

The trends in “User-centricity”, to which the Tech Trend Radar 2020 is dedicated, also focus on this. “Deepfake Defence” is a new trend in the Tech Trend Radar 2020: technological solutions to curb the spread of manipulated information, fake news. “These deepfakes have grown enormously”, explains IT Strategist Braun. “Faces and voices can now be imitated incredibly realistically by Artificial Intelligence.” These manipulations can spread at an incredible speed, particularly through social media, and trigger economic and social damage.

Image: Deloitte Digital Studios
Our Solutions

Solutions and examples from ERGO Group companies already exist for each of the four core topics – User-centricity, Connected World, Artificial Intelligence and Enabling Technologies. Here you'll find an overview.


If you want to meet or even exceed customer expectations, you have to know trends and take technical developments into account.

Connected World

Communication no longer takes place only between humans, but also between humans and machines.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI means creating systems that learn, adapt and react autonomously.

Enabling Technologies

Enabling technologies accelerate other technologies and create significant leaps in performance.