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Enabling Technologies

Technologies with accelerating effect

Special innovative technologies can speed up digitalisation and change markets. These Enabling Technologies are intensively highlighted in the TechTrendRadar. The cloud, above all, plays a central role in this.

Enabling technologies are technologies that bring about the accelerated development of themselves or other technologies, and are therefore of key importance for the market. They can influence the behaviour of consumers and realign market landscapes. Advanced batteries for driverless vehicles in the transport sector are a good example of this.

The cloud in focus

“Cloud Enablement”, that is the provision of an IT infrastructure over the internet, represents an important trend. Companies therefore regard clouds as the future of IT, a fact that will require progressive digital change. IT will therefore become even more important in companies in future. Digital projects lower costs and improve efficiency. Multi-cloud strategies are becoming more and more popular and are finding their way into different organisations. Multi-cloud platforms can therefore ensure that workloads are distributed and risks reduced.

The term “Cloud Edge” is used to describe the processing of data as closely as possible to its production site. Transmitting large volumes of data over a network or a cloud is thus minimised, conserving network resources and lowering transmission costs. ERGO IT-Strategist Roland Braun explains: “Only the most important data is sent to the actual cloud with Cloud Edge”.

5G regarded as the basic technology

5G, the new telecommunications standard, plays a crucial role in the TechTrendRadar 2020. It will enable large volumes of data to be processed in the mobile phone networks. Global mobile data traffic is expected to increase by eight percent by the end of 2023. “5G is the most important basic technology for all other trends that we have in the TechTrendRadar,” Roland Braun continues, stressing the importance of the technology. Many other trend technologies are based on 5G.

“Distributed Ledger“ is another word for blockchain and is used to describe a technology that enables a particular form of data processing and storage. It can be used as a power-ful tool for digital business, and relies on distributed, secure and transparent data. The data – so-called “blocks” – is stored as a chain of transactions by all the stakeholders who use the data. The data is then visible for everyone within a process.

Image: Deloitte Digital Studios
Our Solutions

Solutions and examples from ERGO Group companies already exist for each of the four core topics – User-centricity, Connected World, Artificial Intelligence and Enabling Technologies. Here you'll find an overview.


If you want to meet or even exceed customer expectations, you have to know trends and take technical developments into account.

Connected World

Communication no longer takes place only between humans, but also between humans and machines.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI means creating systems that learn, adapt and react autonomously.

Enabling Technologies

Enabling technologies accelerate other technologies and create significant leaps in performance.