ERGO Solutions

Examples of innovative solutions from the ERGO Group

  • ERGO Germany: Next Best Offer    
  • ERGO China Life: Behavioural data tracking & analytics
  • HDFC ERGO India: Chatbot for customers
  • and many more...
Connected World
  • ERGO Germany: Safe Home
  • ERGO China Life: Open API
  • DKV Spain: Digital Doctor
Artificial Intelligence
  • DKV Germany: Invoice checking via AI
  • ERGO Germany: Mailbox Sorting
  • DAS Spain: Automated Risk Pricing
  • etc.
Enabling Technologies
  • ERGO China Life: Cloud-based Core System

If you want to meet or even exceed customer expectations, you have to know trends and take technical developments into account.

Connected World

Communication no longer takes place only between humans, but also between humans and machines.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI means creating systems that learn, adapt and react autonomously.

Enabling Technologies

Enabling technologies accelerate other technologies and create significant leaps in performance.

Tech Trend Radar

Rapidly changing technologies are shaking up and revolutionizing a wide range of industries, including insurance. The Tech Trend Radar provides information on the most important trends in the areas of User-centricity, Connected World, Artificial Intelligence and Enabling Technologies.