Be prepared for uncertainty

By Tomasz Smaczny, COO ERGO Technology & Services Management

Tomasz Smaczny, COO ERGO Technology & Services Management

The last decade made one thing clear: Technology is everywhere and it has an impact on us all. Disruptive technology such as Cloud Edge supports large amounts of data handling for insurance underwriting and claims processes while 5G will lay the foundation for autonomous driving.

In the time of pandemic, technology serves as a safeguard: anonymised data about population movement in high resolution help to forecast the spread of the disease. Via these means or by using wearables, technology offers unprecedented possibilities in the prevention and treatment.

However, the most important criterion for success is and stays being human. Promoting understanding, shining a light on opportunities, addressing fears and offering training is essential. In times of global crisis, which forces us to stay at home and work remotely, “Digital upskilling” of employees should be the key priority. This way we can meet our responsibilities – to our employees, our company and for the global combat against the pandemic.

This year’s Tech Trend Radar is prepared precisely in this spirit. We hope you will get inspiration from it and perhaps even take the first steps to implement some solutions to be better prepared for whatever comes at us next.



If you want to meet or even exceed customer expectations, you have to know trends and take technical developments into account.

Connected World

Communication no longer takes place only between humans, but also between humans and machines.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI means creating systems that learn, adapt and react autonomously.

Enabling Technologies

Enabling technologies accelerate other technologies and create significant leaps in performance.

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Our Solutions

Solutions and examples from ERGO Group companies already exist for each of the four core topics – User-centricity, Connected World, Artificial Intelligence and Enabling Technologies. Here you'll find an overview.