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Artificial Intelligence

Self learning systems

Artificial Intelligence is on everyone's lips – and not just this year. It is and remains a core issue of the TechTrendRadar. There are massive developments in this sector.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not just been a core area of the TechTrendRadar since this year. AI enables systems to learn, adapt and react independently. Robotic process auto-mation is one of the most rapidly advancing AI technologies, which took only a few years to go from trend to launch.

Intelligent connection between humans and computers

“Conversational User Interfaces”, like chatbots or personal assistants, are creating a new intelligent connection between people and computers. The manner in which machines learn has developed so that computer programs are now capable of understanding hu-man speech and responding appropriately to it.

The integration of AI into companies’ business processes and services is on the increase. The major tech companies, in particular, are now focussing largely on AI. Additional in-vestment is set to boost AI developments in Germany and Europe, enabling them to catch up with Asia and the USA.

Companies have also started taking AI out of the “black box”, explaining it and making it available to people. The technology is to be integrated into people’s real lives so that it can be experienced by each and every one of us – transparently and comprehensibly. Companies therefore also need to have ethical guidelines in place, such as are already being practised by the Munich re Group.

Computers perceive our world – and help us

“Computer Vision” is a technology that enables computers to perceive things in their envi-ronment in different ways – using cameras, digital images and videos. The machine rec-ords, processes and analyses this data, enabling it to understand more about our world. For example, a robot can help us with navigation, by processing information from sensors in the environment.

“Even if a computer cannot feel or smell, it can achieve really amazing things using sensors and cameras,” explains ERGO IT-Strategist Roland Brain, who is playing a key role in the development of the Tech Trend Radar alongside colleagues at Munich Re. “Com-puter Vision” helps machines and computers to recognise and understand images and videos, which can significantly simplify diagnosis in medicine.

Speech recognition is growing in importance

“Natural Language Processing” (NLP) is one of the key Artificial Intelligence trends in the Tech Trend Radar 2020. “Gartner, the market research company, expects that we will use speech for 30 to 40 percent of our interactions with computers in the next few years,” states Roland Braun. Speech recognition is therefore an issue that will continue to grow in importance in future.

Image: Deloitte Digital Studios
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Solutions and examples from ERGO Group companies already exist for each of the four core topics – User-centricity, Connected World, Artificial Intelligence and Enabling Technologies. Here you'll find an overview.


If you want to meet or even exceed customer expectations, you have to know trends and take technical developments into account.

Connected World

Communication no longer takes place only between humans, but also between humans and machines.

Artificial Intelligence

Using AI means creating systems that learn, adapt and react autonomously.

Enabling Technologies

Enabling technologies accelerate other technologies and create significant leaps in performance.