ERGO Sustainability Programme - GRI Balance 2017

Our targets and measures

We will only achieve ongoing success if we succeed in harmonising economic, environmental and social factors. We have focused our sustainability management on specific targets in order to meet this aspiration. We are pursuing these targets with concrete measures. The Sustainability Programme provides information on the status of target attainment.
In 2016, we restructured the programme and organised it along the lines of our eight materiality issues for sustainability. We identified these issues within the framework of a systematic materiality analysis. The overarching issue of sustainable corporate governance provides an additional materiality issue.
The implementation of the sustainability programme occurs mainly at the German locations. Selected goals are valid for the whole Group and are labelled in the table accordingly.

Sustainability topics

The following table displays these core goals in the area of sustainability and shows the initiatives and projects with which we are implementing them.




Fair and transparent dealings with customers

Ensuring comprehensible and transparent communication with customers

  • Review of the comprehensibility of customer communication by the German Inspection Agency TÜV Saarland; latest audit in the year 2016 (score 1.72 (good))
  • ERGO Customer Advisory Board: regular and open exchange with 25 customers of all ERGO companies in Germany; D.A.S. Austria: Customer Advisory Board with 20 customers (since April 2018); transfer of relevant results and analyses to the organisation (products, processes, services, sales)
  • Continuous customer surveys at all points of customer contact in Germany and in various international entities; systematic feedback process

Sustainable investment of capital

Responsible management of investments

  • General Investment Guidelines of Munich Re and UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) as orientation framework (since 2006)

Basic training and advanced Training

Promotion of advanced and personal training for employees and managers

  • Comprehensive training programme, both digital and face-to-face training (Blended Learning Approach) for employees and managers in Germany, which is updated on an annual basis. In addition to the training catalogue, tailor-made offers are designed for business units with special requirements.
  • Creation of concept for an International Leadership Development Programme

Promotion of next generation of employees

  • International Group trainee programme, EXPLORE, of the Munich Re Group, with placements at ERGO and the other business fields
  • Talent Identification Process for identifying and promoting managers of the future continued
  • Annual Best Programme for the promotion of former trainees continued

Diversity and equal opportunities

Proportion of women in management positions in Germany of 25 percent1

  • The proportion of women in management positions in Germany rose slightly in 2017 (24.7 percent, 2016: 24.3 percent); Group-wide, the proportion of women in management is 35.3 percent
  • Mentoring programme for female junior managers in Germany launched for the seventh time
  • Within the scope of “women&work”, Germany’s largest job fair for women, ERGO was again awarded the Signet “top4women” in 2017, as in 2016. This award documents that women are supported in their company and promoted in their professional career.

Promotion of cross-generational cooperation

  • No measures were implemented in the reporting year 2017.

Improving work-life balance

  • German Career and Family Audit (“berufundfamilie”) once again successfully implemented at the administrative locations in Germany
  • Programme “Part-time Management” continued (reduction in working time for managers)
  • Continuation of the offer of consulting and service in Germany to help employees with relatives in urgent need of care or support (since 2017 with the new service supplier
Sustainable products

Systematic integration of ESG criteria2 in the core Business

  • New products and product modifications are tested for ESG conformity (environmental, social, governance criteria). The assessment of the ESG criteria is implemented on the basis of a specific checklist and is a fixed component of the product development process.
  • Internal position papers regulate the handling of particular sensitive topics. These are updated when required and further position papers may also be created for new topics.

Promotion of environmentally friendly technologies and adaptation to the consequences of climate change.

  • Development and expansion of know-how in both internal and external panels of experts (e.g. Munich Re New Energy Committee)
  • Continuous monitoring and assessment of insurance offers in the area of renewable energies

Contacting sustainably oriented insurance customers

  • Use of the ERGO sustainability icon to label products with environmentally friendly elements; February 2017: Implementation of an online customer questionnaire on understanding, relevance and perceptibility of the Icon

Raising awareness for sustainability

Raising the awareness of employees for responsibility and sustainability

  • Kick-off event of the CR Initiative “Tackling climate change together” of ERGO and Munich Re in October 2017, with environmental and climate friendly activities for ERGO employees in Germany
  • Hosting of the event “DiverseCity” at ERGO in Düsseldorf in November 2017; with presentations, workshops and discussions for improving professional and social diversity
  • Promotion of employee’s social commitment in Germany and in the international locations
  • Raising awareness for environmentally friendly mobility by promotional action for employees in relation to cycling at the locations in Germany, Austria and Poland
  • Participation in the global Earth Hour (March 2017 and March 2018)
  • Articles and notes in employee media and topic-specific events

Raising the awareness of customers for responsibility and sustainability

  • Consumer tips and legal advice on environmentally friendly and energy-aware behavior

Raising the awareness of business partners for responsibility and sustainability

  • Code of Conduct for self-employed field staff (since 2011)
  • Compliance with the principles of the UN Global Compact and signing of the ERGO Anti-Corruption Agreement as a prerequisite for becoming a potential supplier / service provider

Community involvement

Promotion of employee involvement in the community through participation in the Company Volunteer Programme

  • Implementation of Corporate Volunteering programmes at our locations in Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the UK
  • Realignment of the Corporate Volunteering activities at the German locations: new focus of the projects on the Group-wide CR strategy topic “adaptation to climate Change”

Expenditure for community involvement

  • Expenditure for community involvement, total: 2,478,369 €
Climate and environmental protection within the Company

Group-wide climate neutrality

  • Compensation of the CO2 footprint from business operations through procurement of emission-reduction certificates: 70,000 tons in 2017
  • Implementation of further energy efficiency measures at the various ERGO locations (e.g. installation of LED lighting, replacement of technology) and optimisation of processes
  • Collection of important measures to increase efficiency and reduce CO2 / annual creation of a Group-wide Carbon Reduction Plan
  • Improvement of data transparency at the international locations

Reduction of the CO2 emissions Group-wide by 35 percent (baseline year 2009)

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by 35 percent (baseline year 2009) by 2020, by reducing the consumption of resources and, among other things, expanding the purchase of green electricity to 100 percent wherever possible and economically feasible

Promotion of environmentally friendly mobility in Germany

  • Ecodriving training sessions for drivers of company cars
  • Electro-mobility: Set-up and expansion of the charging infrastructure for e-cars and e-bikes at the locations in Cologne and Düsseldorf
  • In Germany: inclusion of car sharing for the purpose of business trips
  • Encouraging cycling to work in Germany (by means of infrastructure such as covered and lockable bicycle parking spaces, bike racks, repair kits, solar pumps, showers and changing rooms)
  • Encouraging employees to cooperate in car-sharing pools when commuting (Germany: online platform for car-sharing pools; Poland: reservation of a parking space quota for car-sharing pools)

Maintenance of the high coverage of our Group-wide environmental management system

  • The effective data collection around our Group-wide environmental management system is 81 percent.
  • Degree of coverage of the environmental management system certified in conformity with ISO 14001: 42 percent of all employees (2016: 41.6 percent)
  • Implementation of the requirements of ISO 14001; recertification of six German ERGO locations (May 2018)

Sustainable corporate governance

Strategic development of sustainability Management

  • Assessment and further development of the environmental programme for the ERGO locations, sectors and areas in the certificated environmental management system.
  • Update and international roll-out of the ERGO Environmental Guidelines
  • Further development and preparation of the international roll-out of the CR strategy of the Munich Re Group: Focus on “shared-value” approach to three central Topics:
    • mitigating the effects of climate change,
    • improving access to healthcare and
    • enhancing risk awareness

Ensuring conduct in accordance with rules and regulations

  • Carrying out obligatory compliance trainings for all managers and employees at ERGO Germany
  • Compliance Management Systems were established on the basis of a central standard in the international insurance subsidiaries. ERGO’s Compliance Department conducted reviews on minimum compliance requirements in most of the companies. Additional individual measures have been defined on the basis of the results of the reviews.
  • Preparation of the roll-out of the Code of Conduct of Munich Re (Group) which is valid Group-wide and replaces the ERGO Code of Conduct.
  • Expansion of the electronic whistleblower portal: in future, both external workers and employees can report statutory violations and serious infringements of internal regulations in a confidential and anonymous manner.
1 ERGO includes all management levels under management positions.
2 Ecological, social, and governance criteria