Responsible policies

With innovative policies we set the course for success and sustainability. The product development process is influenced by customer requirements, environmental and social aspects.

Customer experience chain – product development 2.0

The starting point for each new product at ERGO is the customer requirement. Determining this need stands at the beginning of each development of a new product. Product Management, Market Research and Marketing work closely together and develop customer experience chains. They describe what customers experience in the event of a claim – negative and positive aspects. Conclusions are then drawn with the objective of making our products even more customer friendly. Several new developments are already based on customer experience chains like this, including the products “ERGO Unfallschutz” (accident cover) and “ERGO Hausratversicherung” (home contents insurance).

Modern old-age provision

We are meeting the desire of our customers to purchase old-age provision that can be tailored to different life phases with the products “ERGO Rente Garantie” (annuity guarantee) and “ERGO Rente Chance” (annuity opportunity). “ERGO Rente Garantie” offers significantly improved flexibility and a high level of security – while also offering good opportunities for yield. After a term of 15 years, a gross premium guarantee applies on the reference date and a life-long guaranteed annuity. “ERGO Rente Chance” provides similar flexibility. This product allows customers to take advantage of selected investment funds in order to derive more benefit from the opportunities offered by the financial market in line with the level of an individual customer’s risk affinity. Several funds with a sustainable investment strategy are available to choose from. A subsequent change from the opportunity to the guarantee version is possible at a later stage. ERGO has launched these products in order to meet the aspirations of customers who are looking for innovative provision solutions to counteract the sustained phase of low interest rates. The initial sales figures verify the appeal of the new products.

Protection against bad weather

Against the background of increasing prevalence of storms, ERGO customers may also insure their houses against additional natural catastrophes, such as flooding, alongside the usual perils like fire. On request, ERGO is providing cover which automatically adjusts to the annual development of construction prices so that customers’ buildings are always insured at the current value.