Future-proof products and forward-thinking solutions

At ERGO, we reflect our commitment to sustainability in the insurance solutions we provide. When we develop new products, doing justice to changing customer needs and protecting the environment come high up on our priority list.

We are incorporating sustainability aspects in our product development process: new products are checked about the integration of environmental, social and governance aspects - ESG aspects - and sensitive topics. ERGO provides a broad spectrum of insurance products and services which take environmental issues into account. Another focal point within our range of responsible insurance solutions is innovative products. For example, microinsurance products, modelled on the microcredit principle, are becoming ever more popular in developing and emerging nations such as India. They help to secure livelihoods, e.g. following earthquakes or floods.

Eco-insurance policies

ERGO helps customers who are ecology-minded by extending its care for the environment into its product range. We offer eco-rates for car insurance and unit-linked annuity insurance policies which take account of environmental issues at customer’s option.

Responsible policies

With innovative policies we set the course for success and sustainability. The product development process takes customer requirements, environmental and social aspects into account.


Our India-based joint venture HDFC ERGO, which has been developing and selling insurance products for rural contexts since 2008, offers a diverse range of microinsurance solutions such as health, accident, fire insurance or specific cover for livestock and equipment essential to people’s livelihoods.