A world of change: sustainable business practices

In our business, the environment we work in is becoming ever more complex and new risks are arising all the time. Climate change and demographic pressures are giving rise to fundamental transformations in our world.

ERGO is ready to meet the challenges of this changing landscape. Our customers and their needs are at the centre of all we do. As well as insurance solutions fit for the future, we provide customers with secure asset management using sustainable forms of investment.

We have raised the profile of our compliance function by separating it from our legal department, making it into a stand-alone organisational unit. Its head reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Management.

Our customers

At the heart of all we do
Our customers’ needs and requirements govern all we do as a business. We honour our brand promise with clear communication, easy-to-understand products, a wide range of opportunities for customers to give us their feedback, and top-quality customer advice.

Future-proof products and forward-thinking solutions

At ERGO, we reflect our commitment to sustainability in the insurance solutions we provide. When we develop new products, doing justice to changing customer needs and protecting the planet come high up on our priority list.

Our investments

Handling capital with care
The principles of sustainability also apply to investments made for the ERGO Group. We take account of this responsibility by prudent and far-sighted investment management supported by a sophisticated controlling system.

Corporate governance

Values add value
ERGO Group is unconditionally committed to responsible corporate governance. We meet the standards laid down by law as well as own corporate regulations, and adhere to stringent ethical principles.