To insure is to understand

Our mission: To insure is to understand

Our sales agents and employees are guided in their actions by the wishes and needs of our customers.

This is why we strive to enter into a dialogue with our customers in a number of different ways – and why we would like to invite them to confide their wishes to us. As a participant in the ERGO Customer Workshop or as a member of the ERGO Customer Advisory Board in Germany, consumers help to shape our company with their ideas and criticisms. Alternatively, internet users can give us feedback online. We aspire to improve continually and our customers' ideas and suggestions are very important to us.

When making provisions for the future and protecting themselves from risks, people want transparent, understandable information. ERGO uses clear language and avoids complex jargon, in order to ensure that consumers know exactly what they are getting. Certified by external communications experts, our in-house standards ensure that the language we use is clear and comprehensible. We endeavour to define benefits and exclusions with crystal clarity in our contractual terms; our clauses are increasingly being reduced to the essentials. And should something remain unclear in spite of all these measures, consumers can call a free hotline for an explanation. This is what we mean by our Guarantee of Understanding.

People also expect to be treated fairly and as individuals. At ERGO, customers are advised and looked after according to their needs – in person by one of our approximately 13,000 representatives in Germany or over the phone by ERGO Direkt. And should customers ever feel they may not have been treated correctly or find themselves unable to understand a decision, they can contact the ERGO Arbitration Board, whose task is to represent the interests of customers within our company in Germany.

ERGO offers its customers tailored products and a wide range of useful services. In case of loss or damage, we are swiftly on hand to offer our customers sound solutions. For ERGO sees itself as a problem solver, providing support and services that go far beyond the conclusion of contracts.

We want our customers to feel that they are in the best of hands.

ERGO customer initiatives

ERGO has launched various initiatives for customers, e.g. the ERGO Clear-Language Initiative , the ERGO Customer Advisory Board, the ERGO Customer Workshop and the ERGO Arbitration Board.