ERGO Krankenversicherung expands product range with new supplementary dental plans for those with statutory insurance

Highly flexible, bespoke and simple coverage

Media Information, 02.08.2022

ERGO Krankenversicherung is bringing a new product line for supplementary dental insurance onto the market. Those with statutory insurance can choose from five different supplementary dental plans tailored precisely to their individual needs. The new plans for dentures (“Dental-Schutz” dental cover) and tooth conservation (“Dental-Vorsorge” dental care) are characterised by modern, high levels of benefits. They offer safety and flexibility and are very well-placed among the competition. The starting premium is particularly attractive, as customers pay only 50% of the plan premium for the first six months of the contract. ERGO Krankenversicherung’s new plans also have no health questions, no waiting periods, and come with a monthly right of termination.

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“For those with statutory insurance, visits to the dentist can soon become expensive. This is because statutory health insurance schemes often assume only part of the cost of dental treatments and preventative measures. This is precisely where our new supplementary dental plans come in, by offering supplementary coverage tailored to individual needs. In the best-case scenario, patients don’t have to bear any costs at all when they go to the dentist”, explains Ursula Clara Deschka, CEO of ERGO Krankenversicherung AG. The new product range comprises three different denture plans (“Dental-Schutz”) and two plans for tooth conservation (“Dental-Vorsorge”). Depending on the plan level, the new “Dental-Schutz” plans reimburse 75, 90 or 100 percent, including the benefit under the statutory health insurance scheme. The “Dental-Vorsorge” plans cover benefits such as root-canal and periodontal treatments, composite fillings, prophylactic services (including professional dental cleaning) and orthodontics. The “Premium” variants even offer reimbursement of up to five times the German dental fee schedule (GOZ) rate.

Straightforward coverage and flexibility

With no medical examination or waiting times, the new plans offer straightforward coverage. Thanks to the monthly right of termination, the plans offer customers a high degree of flexibility. “And a particular highlight”, says Ursula Clara Deschka, “is that, with all the supplementary dental plans, only 50 percent of the plan premium is payable for the first six months following conclusion of the contract.”

100 percent reimbursement in the case of accidents and professional dental cleaning

In addition, following an accident, the cost of dentures and orthodontic treatment is reimbursed in full. With the "Dental-Vorsorge Premium” plan, professional dental cleaning is also paid in full several times a year.

Other top benefits

In this new world of plans, the costs of pain-relief measures like acupuncture or general anaesthetic are also covered. This especially benefits people who are sensitive to pain and those who were previously scared of going to the dentist. The benefits package also includes snore guards and occlusal splints (also known as ‘bite splints’ or ‘night guards’), bleaching or medically necessary veneers.

“A beautiful smile and the conservation of every individual tooth are good reasons for taking out ERGO Krankenversicherung’s new dental plans. We recommend doing so at an early age, as high costs for dental treatment can already arise then. And, quite apart from this, dental accidents can happen at any time”, says Ursula Clara Deschka.

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