City cycling campaign “Stadtradeln” 2023: Record participation with exceptionally sustainable account

27,395 : These are the kilogrammes of CO₂ saved - a remarkable achievement!

Magazine, 06.10.2023

With a lot of fun and motivation for the climate, the cyclists at the seven ERGO locations have pedalled sustainably. The result was 169,027 kilometres and a CO₂ saving of 27,395 kilograms!

ERGO Bilanz Stadtradeln Heinz Schmidt

ERGO employee Heinz Schmidt

Dusseldorf and Mannheim have set the pace. Düsseldorf cycled over 115,600 kilometres with more than 500 cyclists. Mannheim cycled over 2,100 kilometres with eight cyclists. On 18.9. the closing ceremony and award ceremony took place in Düsseldorf to honor its successful “Stadtradeln” year.

Berlin and Cologne started saddling up their bikes at the beginning of June.

Over 3,900 kilometres were covered by the 22 participants in Berlin. One colleague cycled over 1,000 kilometres on a total of 14 rides, according to team captain and Ergo Sports site coordinator Ronald Stahl.

Around 80 cyclists actively participated in Cologne and accumulated more than 22,000 kilometres.

Nuremberg and Munich pedalled sustainably from mid-June onwards. Nuremberg cycled almost 7,000 kilometres with 29 active cyclists.

In Munich, 29 colleagues diligently collected about 6,500 kilometres. But here, too, the fun was definitely in the foreground. Many colleagues continue to cycle a lot even now that the campaign is over, according to Mario Freudenmann. Together with Friederike Sommer, he is team captain in Munich.

Last but not least, Hamburg certainly made the most of the late summer in September: 53 active cyclists cycled a proud 11,931 kilometres.

Location Period Team captains km cycled Active cyclists km per capita CO₂ saved in kg
Mannheim 07 May - 27 May Holger Hellmann 2112 8 264 342
Düsseldorf 12 May – 01 June Heinz Schmidt 115611 518 223 18738
Berlin 01 June – 21 June Ronald Stahl 3919 22 178 635
Köln 02 June - 22 June Andreas Paech 22020 79 279 3569
Nürnberg 15 June - 05 July Olaf Höhne 6956 29 240 1127
München 19 June – 09 July Friederike Sommer 6478 29 223 1050
Hamburg 08 September - 28 September Susanne Neumann 11931 53 225 1933

The results are quite impressive. Esther Pollmann, organiser of the city cycling campaign, also draws a positive conclusion: "The city cycling campaign at ERGO shows that climate protection can be a lot of fun.”

There's no end to the fun of cycling and making a lasting impact on the climate now that the Stadtradeln campaign is over. So saddle up your bike and start pedalling - whether it's to the shops, on the way to work or on a relaxing outing in the countryside.


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