International diversity projects: HDFC ERGO in India backs diversity and supports women

Magazine, 26.09.2022

During the past year, HDFC ERGO launched two major projects in India aimed at improving diversity and promoting inclusion.

Project “Purple”

The objective of this project is to provide career opportunities to people with disabilities. In the short time since the project was launched, HDFC ERGO has onboarded more than ten people with disabilities and intends to increase this figure significantly in the coming year. For this purpose, HDFC ERGO is partnering with various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and qualification facilities.

Project “Nari Shakti”

The objective of this project is to shape a more gender-equitable organisation and to create an environment that enables women. The programme is designed to recruit, retain and promote female talent, and to make HDFC ERGO an attractive employer not only for men but for women as well.

In 2021, HDFC ERGO increased the share of female employees by five percentage points, raising it to a present 19%. For next year, HDFC ERGO has set itself a target of 23%.

Female empowerment: Inspiration, networking and learning to lead

HDFC ERGO also has other programmes to promote female managers. This is how “WeLead” and “Winspiration” came into being. These are mentoring programmes that focus on redefining leadership positions and showing participants ways in which to attain them.

“Network and Advocacy Programmes” is another networking initiative for developing and maintaining informal links between various women’s groups in the organisation. This initiative includes those who are transitioning from maternity leave or need support with their careers. These groups comprise aspiring female professionals who share their experiences of finding a good work-life balance and other issues women face.

Facilitating the return to work for both men and women

Re-vibe is an integrative return-to-work programme at HDFC ERGO. It is aimed at employees who have taken a temporary break from work and now want to restart their working lives. It is a second-career programme designed for both women and men, which assists professionals in returning to work after a career break. The programme offers comprehensive support in identifying, looking after and promoting talent, and it helps people to revive their careers.

Talent search – not only in the insurance industry

HDFC ERGO India has a further platform called “Talentize”. Colleagues with different backgrounds – i.e. outside the insurance industry – can register with Talentize to obtain an opportunity to be hired and onboarded. Talent from outside the industry is therefore also welcome because this spawns new ideas and innovations in the company.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance in India: Cultivating diversity within and without.

(Text: Ursula Lindenberg)


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