Energy: everyday efficiency

We help reduce our energy consumption at our major German sites by employing state-of-the-art air-conditioning technology and building insulation. In addition to this, we use green electricity and consume power responsibly to boost our bid to minimise our carbon footprint.

At our Düsseldorf headquarter, we at ERGO cover major parts of our electricity and heating needs by using gas-fired thermal power stations which run on combined heat power technology. For the remainder of our consumption at the headquarter and at all our major German sites, we use zero-carbon electricity generated from renewable energy sources. Combined heat power technology, which generates electricity and uses the heat produced directly on site, is also in operation at DKV in Cologne. The purchase of electricity from renewable energy sources and in-house production of some electricity and heat in energy-efficient thermal power stations further reduced the CO2 emissions.

Up-to-date air-conditioning and building services technology

We are also investing in airconditioning technology; one example is our Cologne location, where innovative optimisation technology creates a perfect mix of interior and exterior air. A complex measurement and regulation system helps the technology meet our requirements in terms of energy- and cost-efficiency and low pollutant levels. The eco-friendly engineering fitted in our new Düsseldorf building, constructed in 2011, works along similar lines, with a ceiling cooling system helping to efficiently regulate the building’s temperature. Even back when the ERGO tower as a part of our headquarters at Victoriaplatz in Düsseldorf was opened at the end of the 1990s, the building featured state-of-the-art technology, and received the 1999 Intec FM award for its innovative energy management systems.

Lower data volumes mean reduced energy use

ERGO cuts energy consumption in its IT systems by regularly updating its hardware and reminding employees to delete files they no longer need, because lower data volumes take up less server capacity and therefore reduce energy requirements. We are replacing PCs with energy-saving network computers and installing highly energy-efficient tele-phone systems and lighting. We also run various campaigns to raise awareness among our colleagues of the impact of their actions on the environment and the need to use resources carefully and sparingly.

Energy-saving tips and consumption monitoring

Employees can find information on saving energy in ERGO intranet, where a whole range of practical eco-tips and recommendations are waiting for those interested in saving energy. Many of them are well-known, such as opening windows wide for a short time rather than just a little for longer, avoiding leaving computers in standby mode or taking the stairs rather than the lift. However, many people need reminding when it comes to actually putting these ideas consistently into practice in our daily routines..

The intranet helps out here by providing practical examples: For instance, turning your thermostat down by one degree cuts energy consumption by six percent.

You can find detailed information in our key environmental indicators