NÜWIEL – Intelligent bicycle trailers for last-mile delivery in towns and cities

Medium close-up of the three founders of NÜWIEL, which offers smart cargo trailers for bicycles, enabling environmentally friendly last-mile delivery.

Thousands of parcels are delivered in Germany every day. Home deliveries are thus causing rising air pollution, noise and more traffic jams – particularly in inner cities. Not to mention high CO2 emissions.

NÜWIEL is tackling this environmental problem with intelligent electric bicycle trailers. Operating from hubs in towns and cities, these can take over urban last-mile deliveries and replace hundreds of delivery vans. And mankind and the environment can breathe freely again!

The heads behind NÜWIEL

The Hamburg start-up NÜWIEL was founded in 2016 with the vision of freeing the city from traffic jams, noise and air pollution. The young team’s dream is for people in urban areas to get about flexibly in a way that fits in with their lifestyle. To realise this objective, NÜWIEL is developing electric bicycle trailers for commercial goods transport.

What the intelligent bicycle trailers can do

When in use on the road, the intelligent bicycle trailer compensates for the load being transported, taking the strain off the rider. Specially developed technology tells the trailers exactly when to stop, accelerate or slow down. The trailers can also be attached with a simple “click” to any bicycle, allowing its integration in existing e-bike fleets. NÜWIEL’s trailers can take loads of up to 100 kg, and their intuitive operation makes them highly flexible – as sturdy cargo trailers or practical handcarts, both indoors and outdoors. For its business partners and customers, NÜWIEL can thus turn any bicycle into a smart two-wheel goods vehicle, addressing a promising and continually growing market.

Milestones to date

In the year prior to the beginning of the accelerator programme, NÜWIEL can already look back on many successes: The start-up developed a prototype and subjected it to an extreme endurance test on a bicycle tour from Hamburg to Paris – a total of 900 km. What is more, NÜWIEL has already gained renowned partners in the urban logistics sector who are looking forward to future time, costs and energy savings.

How NÜWIEL won through on pitch day

NÜWIEL won over the jury with its excellent technology, extensive logistics market network, and strong resolve to make parcel deliveries sustainable. In the programme with Munich Re and ERGO, the team aims to ready a product for serial production that is efficient and robust and meets the needs of potential customers. With the support of Munich Re, ERGO and Climate-KIC, NÜWIEL wants to develop emission-free mobility concepts which it can also make available in smaller communities, particularly in developing countries.

Further information is available at: www.nuwiel.de