Triply offers a web service that automatically plans data-based mobility concepts, creating new opportunities for on-demand traffic for events and general public transport.

Seamless traffic planning reduces environmental pollution and accident risks

By 2050, almost 70 percent of the world's population is expected to live in cities. One reason for this is that efficient public transport is usually not available in rural areas. Car driving is often the only option to get from A to B, with all the associated risks. Over 2.000 people are injured every year in car accidents under the influence of alcohol in Austria, a large proportion of them while driving home from an event. To date, there are no easy solutions to plan and implement mobility concepts in rural areas. Concepts must be carefully planned and manually coordinated. Furthermore, there are no good ways of predicting the utilization of these concepts.

Triply is a web service that automatically plans data-based mobility concepts, calculates the utilization of the respective routes, assigns necessary trips to local transport companies and supports them in implementing the concept. Furthermore, the start-up company is developing the necessary apps to enable seamless integration and communication with travel companies, vehicle drivers and all passengers.

In the first step, the service will be offered to event organisers who will for the first time be able to provide their guests with a safe and comfortable journey to and from the event without the need for time-consuming planning or the risk of unused routes. At a later stage, the software will also be used for the planning and provision of mobility solution for municipalities. The software is developed under special consideration of scalability.

The Triply Team

Christopher Stelzmüller & Sebastian Tanzer met seven years ago as classmates. Since then, they have worked together on many school and extracurricular projects and gained a lot of experience in the development of complex software in various companies. Both have a degree in Computer Science and have been working in the field of rural mobility for four years. After writing their award-winning thesis on rural mobility, they decided to found triply.

Triply's main objectives fit well with Munich Re's and ERGO's insurance business and commitment to climate protection: to improve road safety and reduce environmental impact by reducing car journeys to events.

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