Space4Good - Earth observation for social and environmental impact

Co-founders Jessica Immelman (bottom, right) and Alexander Gunkel (middle, 2nd from right) with the rest of the Space4Good team.

Space4Good is developing monitoring, reporting, and verification solutions based on earth observation data analytics, with the aim of supporting social and environmental projects with a specific focus on nature-based solutions such as in agroforestry. The start-up’s products help their partners all over the world improve operational efficiency, create transparency and unlock new revenue sources.

Founder Alexander Gunkel (middle, 2nd from right) and Business Lead Jessica Immelman (bottom, right) with the rest of the Space4Good team

Currently, resource-intensive management and monitoring processes often limit CO2 uptake in these complex and biodiverse systems. To better facilitate carbon farming uptake in agroforestry specifically, Space4Good is developing Carbometrica, a remote sensing-based biomass intelligence service for agroforestry carbon estimation. It is used by project developers and carbon marketplaces to determine current and potential carbon sequestration and ecological and economic value insights.

Space4Good started in 2017 at the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre in The Netherlands. The team of eleven highly skilled space technology professionals spans a wide range of skills and experience including remote sensing, software development, and artificial intelligence, paired with nature-based solutions and climate change expertise.

Currently, Carbometrica is monitoring a total of over 500,000 ha of rainforests as well as agroforestry operations approximating 97 million tons of sequestered carbon. Furthermore, Space4Good is supporting a Dutch bank in scaling their carbon banking proposition by a carbon removal project enabling smallholder farmers to participate in the carbon credits marketplace and earn its financial benefits. Adjacent to this, Space4Good is co-developing an agroforestry monitoring and management platform with an agroforestry innovator. In the ClimAccelerator programme and with support from Munich Re and ERGO, Space4Good is working on validating possible insure-tech collaborations and identifying opportunities.

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