PeerPlanet - Empowering sustainable change. Together.

PeerPlanet helps people to live climate-friendly. The focus is on behaviours that have a particularly large influence on climate change. The PeerPlanet App utilizes an innovative, group-based approach, in which it connects people who want to integrate similar sustainable behaviours into their everyday lives. Users participate together with their friends or make new friends. The groups are given collective reduction targets, can exchange ideas and receive useful tips that support their behaviour change intents. This might be to reduce the users’ animal food consumption or plastic usage.

PeerPlanet is a young and enthusiastic team, who thinks that the time has come for massive behavioural changes. Nick Wüsthoff is a Product Manager and has already gained experience in start-ups. He is responsible for designing the product in such a way that it really helps, is fun and still has the ability to generate money, and will also serve as CEO. Karim Alaa El-Din is an enthusiastic developer and is responsible for the development of the app and the technical infrastructure. Nicola Reynolds will manage communications, after gaining over 15 years of experience in this field. Together PeerPlanet wants to make behavioural changes as easy as possible. Therefore, the motto is: Empowering sustainable change. Together.

PeerPlanet has already released a beta version and tested it extensively in four scientific studies with about 600 users. Thereby a significant change in behaviour could be detected. The participants have reduced their consumption of animal products by more than 60%. The app will be released within the next months. Until then, the app will be further developed based on the feedback from the studies and suitable communication concepts will be developed. Together with Munich Re and ERGO, the team would like to exchange views on climate protection and test the use of PeerPlanet in the company, thereby promoting climate protection.

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