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Climateers is an app that enables climate-conscious individuals to live more sustainably. Users take on sustainability challenges in groups and discover the impact of their behaviour.

The app shows the carbon emissions of simple daily choices which enable users to easily see how their behaviour impacts their carbon footprint. Throughout the challenges, users learn how to make informed decisions that are reflected in a reduced carbon footprint. The app has no barrier to entry with the only equipment needed a smartphone and an internet connection.

Sustainability is a complex issue that covers a range of topics, i.e. consumerism, plastics, mobility, energy. However, one of the simplest ways for individuals to be more sustainable and reduce carbon emissions is, for example, by switching to a plant-based diet. So why therefore are less than 5 percent of Germans following a vegetarian diet? This is where the climateers app comes in. The initial idea for the climateers app came from Nick Wüsthoff during his Bachelor thesis which looked at how digital solutions can support individual behaviour change. He identified a gap between what consumers say and what they do and looked to use these findings in an app that helps to close this gap.

The climateers team made of three co-founders, Nick Wüsthoff, Elias Wolf and Nicola Reynolds, has the perfect mix of youth, experience, focus, and determination with a vision to empower a world where society acts sustainably. Nick already has a track record in the start-up world with several projects. The most notable is the non-profit ‘Between The Lines’ app, which supports teenagers in difficult life situations. He scaled this enterprise to ten employees before leaving to concentrate full-time on climateers. Elias Wolf is responsible for the technology stack of the app and is in the last semester of his Software Engineering studies at CODE University, Berlin. During his time at CODE, Elias has used the latest cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technologies. Previously, he developed an autonomous drone that used complex image recognition algorithms as well as developing many app and website backends. Nicola Reynolds brings 18+ years of marketing experience to the team. She has a track record of establishing and growing brands. Previous successes include contributing to an 84 percent market share increase of a UK B2B SaaS fintech software company within seven years and securing future revenues (70 percent) for a struggling hockey club. She also has experience in the creation and execution of marketing strategy, content, PR, events, and affiliate marketing.

The app will be launched this summer and the team aims to get the app into the hands of large groups of individuals, directly or via businesses, to enable them to realize that leading a sustainable life is not difficult at all. It’s just a matter of understanding the choices you are making.
Together with Munich Re and ERGO, the team would like to exchange ideas about climate protection, test the use of the climateers app within the company and thus promote climate protection.

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