PAVE: Digitalising construction projects

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With their immense energy use and the tonnes of waste they produce, construction companies have a negative impact on the environment. With its specialist knowledge in construction, management, IT and artificial intelligence, the PAVE Group has set out to disrupt the industry.

Construction industry impacting on the environment

In Germany alone, the construction industry was responsible for 209 million tonnes of construction waste in 2017. That is more than four times the amount of household waste – and has increased by 15.7 tonnes since 2010. The main causes are the inefficient use of materials – and the use of non-recyclable materials.

Software tool to improve efficiency in construction

With its artificial-intelligence-based app, the Munich-based start-up PAVE Group has developed a tool which it hopes will lead to a seven percent reduction in construction waste. Among other things, the app of PAVE helps to prevent construction defects and their associated rectifications. Site managers have access to the digital plans and can locate and describe defects, upload pictures of them, and forward these images directly to subcontractors.

If construction managers use PAVE to digitalise their construction projects, the app can also help to better plan material use. The storage of superfluous building materials can therefore be avoided and recycling rates increased. Last but not least, PAVE makes it possible to document exactly which materials have been used in a build, meaning that they can be recycled in the event of demolition.

The brains of the PAVE Group

Founders Patrick Christ, Florian Biller, Florian Ettlinger and Sebastian Schlecht met while they were doing their PhDs at the Center For Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). Together, they have a broad range of experience spanning construction, IT, artificial intelligence and business management.

How the business model impressed Munich Re and ERGO

The founders of the PAVE Group gave a convincing explanation of the potential which could be tapped by digitalising construction sites and using the app to significantly reduce the amount of construction materials used. Greenhouse gas emissions can be cut by decreasing both the amount of material produced and transported and the need to rectify defects. Munich Re and ERGO staff are looking forward to working with the PAVE Group.

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